Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is used when a cavity has decayed for so long that the damage has penetrated to the pulp. In some patients, damage to the nerves resulting from serious dental trauma may also require root canal therapy. If left untreated, the infection in the pulp can affect the roots and deteriorate surrounding bone in an abscess. This can also compromise the body’s entire immune system. While sometimes there are no obvious signs of infection in the pulp, the following are indications that the pulp is infected: pain, swelling, tenderness, sensitivity to temperature, discomfort biting, and having a bad taste in the mouth. Pulp that is infected so severely cannot recover without dental attention. In root canal therapy, the decayed portion of the pulp is removed and canals of the tooth are cleaned and filled to preclude future decay. After a root canal, a crown is typically used to strengthen and support the tooth.